Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Snow Job-Edited

If Tony Snow replaces Scott McLlellan as White House Press Secretary, we can all be assured of the usual snow-job, but this time it will be truly punny!

Updated(most of original post deleted--first time I've done such a thing):

Thanks to Elderta's superior research skills my claims for copyright on "Snow-Job" have hit a bit of a snag ( see the comments and dont forget to visit her blog--in my blog roll, AtThe EndOf The Boom) . Were I a common type of Republican blogger this would not be an issue. But I'm not, and it is. Hence the redaction.

I thought "Brain Damage" was my worst post, but "Snow Job" was far, far worse.

I will say this..Tony Snow is a good looking fellow. No doubt his excellent dentition will make Iraq, illegal domestic spying, the suppression of civil rights, torture, record deficit and national debt, record homelessness, record bankruptcies and so on so much more palatable.

When Snow has criticisized...

---hang on a sec--

I just BlogSpot spell-checked "criticisized" and was offered "McLellan" as the alternative--make of that what you will... anyway...

Snow actually has criticized Bush--but as a "Libertarian", not a "Liberal". He's in the Norquist camp where national government should only concern itself with law and order, defence and attack, and everything else in life is a free-for-all...in other words he sides with oligarchy or to put it another way, benign fascism.

So what's going on here? Is the choice of Snow really a shake-up? Would the choice of sometimes acerbically critical Snow indicate a gradual return to the center and at least a partial reduction to partisan politics?

I don't think so.

Bush himself is now politically crippled.

But this is not about Bush any more--he's played his part. What matters now is the future of the Republican party. The appointment of Snow looks like a feint. The GOP needs to recapture the public and Snow as Press Secretary can serve as the president's substitute, he can appear as dynamic as Bush was in his early days.

Having seized control of all branches of government and the military, having a firmer grip of the juidiciary and with a significant hold on the Fourth Estate GOP radicals aren't about to let go of the near complete level of power they have worked so hard to grasp. With less than three years left thay have no intention of losing their grip--indeed now is the time for them to strengthen it.

But for all that they hold and control, they must still consider the electorate. The Republican base is turning away from the GOP, not because the Democrat's are doing a better job--they have been reduced to the level of interns--but becuase the GOP has done such a poor job of governance.

Choosing Snow to replace McLellan is a calculated move (duh!). McLellan was the loyal trooper slogging through the mud. Snow appears dynamic and even independent. But could he actually function as something like an ombudsman, rather than a shill? Could he actually present a more trustworthy visage and more compelling arguments than Mclellan?

David Corn at http://www.bushlies.com/ actually knows Snow and has worked with him. Read his informed take. Snow might actually be sort of okay, he thinks. Maybe.

Trouble is, the job raises Snow's profile big time. Instead of talking about politics he's now IN politics (again) and this time front and center. This is a big step for him. Will he have the balls to actually modify the administration's message? He might argue for a change behind closed doors, but when he stands at that podium, will there be anything other than a stylistic change? Fat chance. His new job is to represent the President and the White-House's policies, not himself.

He can't bite the hand that will be feeding him. Sure he may be more adept and personable than Scott, but just like Scott he will still have to shill and evade and obfuscate and lie. Nothing will change--it can't change, because change isn't what conservatism is about.

Snow's new job is simply a snow job.

Pick up those shovels, people, and when you're done with the pretty white covering, there's the same old pile of shit underneath to deal with.


not_over_it said...

I knew this guy Tony who was a...realtor...and it was his job to sell this horrible White House.

I almost felt sorry for him until he started to lie about the stupid Bush that only 32% of the neighborhood aprroved of. The rest wanted to yank it out and burn it.

The Snowjob must have been difficult, but he seemed to enjoy it a little too much.

There! I didn't break any laws, did I?

Elderta said...

well... actually... see Keith Olbermann broadcast, 8PM Tuesday... with the headline "Snow Job" in reference to the Tony Snow... sorry dude, no ka-ching for you! :(

Lord Omar said...

Hhmmm...worked for Fox News. So he has been paid to speak for the Bush White House in the past. How lovely.

Parklife said...

Bush gives Dick a (rhymes with) Snow Job? I think I'm lost.

5th Estate said...

since the above comments I have significantly re-written this post becuase a) it was originally completely crap and b) my good friend Elderta slapped me silly without leaving any physical bruises--like Dinsdale Pirahna, she's cruel, but fair!

So comment if you will on the new and improved snow job. Or not. as you wish.

Elderta said...

oh... I feel so sad... :( but as a librarian, archivist, and liberal, I cannot help myself. I'm no fun at parties, either.


not_over_it said...

Should I feel sad for directing 'derta here?


No fun at parties? I doubt it.

5th Estate said...

don't be sad elderta--you did a good thing

Anonymous said...

'derta! you are too way fun at parties!!! chicago was a blast!

(go ahead - fix my grammar!! please please yes yes oh baby oh)

Carl said...

He has a big head.

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