Saturday, May 12, 2007

Noodling on Goodling

The consensus is that Monica Goodling is the key witness to the US attorney firings. Judging by the way she went to ground immediately the scandal broke she’s probably not psychologically very well-equipped to parry the questions she’ll be asked by the Judiciary Committee (and it seems not professionally well-equipped either) but it will depend on where she can draw her strength from—Jesus, I suppose.

Gonzalez might offer her some kind of support but although he hasn’t been fired his word doesn’t have authority now and even some of the Republicans can’t stomach him anymore, nor Sampson and McNulty who are similarly damaged goods.
Moreover Eric Lipton at the NY Times reports various former and current DOJ officials citing Goodling for her inappropriate moralistic, political and religious vetting of job candidates (whom she was often also not professionally qualified to judge).

With no-one rushing to her defense, Monica seems isolated. No doubt there will be some Republicans on the committee who will paint her as a victim, which was her very first defense in pleading the Fifth—but that will be largely moot given her new immunity status.

So where do Monica’s loyalties ultimately lie? And where do Bush’s, Rove’s and Gonzalez’s loyalties lie? Given their self-supporting nature and their own smug sense of immunity they may have chosen just to sit back and watch, confident that they can handle any fallout whether Monica takes one for the team or spills the beans.

If Monica really has been thrown to the wolves and goes with full disclosure, she may find the retribution from Rove worse than any punishment she might take from keeping her mouth shut and being held in contempt. And if she thinks Jesus can save her…well good luck with that Ms.Goodling.


Speaking of Jesus, some tool deposited this little pile of flaming “Christian” poop in my Prince Harry post comments after nearly two weeks of inactivity there.

“Does he like girls to? You peasents in Isles are so quiant...I guess all the manly types migrated to American and saved you ass during serveral wars.Did you ever pay us for that?”

Apparently this commenter is convinced that people of his ilk are in danger of being turned gay—this is the only subject he has written about on his own blog. Obsessive, that’s what it is. Odd that he should feel the need to comment on my blog when I have yet to write anything about gays at all (oh, except for my riff on Mark Foley who is of course Christian and Republican and hates gays too because they always seem to be sticking their cocks in his mouth, or something like that). What with these types being so connected to God and Jesus I have to wonder why God or Jesus just can’t fix the problem? Maybe God needs an incentive from this guy—like maybe if he was prepared to sacrifice his son or something?