Friday, April 28, 2006

Paying Attention

Screen cap from Jesus's General -totally without his permission, so an extra level of hell for me, no doubt!

That's Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) in a fuschia ensemble being arrested for complaining about the actions of a foreign country the U.S administration doesn't give a rat's ass about-Sudan.

And why should they? It doesn't have any oil, it's rapidly diminishing population can't afford American products, unless American's start demanding cheaper arid dirt and bleached bones it's not a likely spot for outsourcing.

But never mind all that. Look at how the tag fits the picture--it appears that Bush's response to calls for accountability is to arrest Democrat representatives.

Now why didn't Bush think of that before?

But far more interesting is the crawl:

"Cunningham's prostitues refused to service Sen. Roberts".

That would have to be Pat Roberts of Kansas whose turn-ons are tax cuts, big business, famers, Christ, guns, emergency medicine and anaesthetics. Turn offs include the environment, peace, women in government, contraception, most animals and civil liberties.

Who knew that there some things and some people a prostitute just will not do?


message in a bottle said...

makes me proud to be an american to know that even people PAID to have sex have some scruples and good taste.

Carl said...


For the record, JG alters the newscrawls and subheads to suit his purposes, and likely did that here. :-)

5th Estate said...

I should have guessed---I searched CNN on the prostitute thing and came up blank.
But there have been some amazing conluences and incongruities between unrelated video, subject titles and crawls before.

Oh well, I guess that's why Jesus's General is a General and I'm not.

But at least it prompted me to look at Senator Robert's Interest Group ratings, whence I have penned the turn-on's/turn offs. Invariably he scores 100% for the turns on's, and almost always 0%( and a few minuses even) for the turn-offs.
The only ambivalent issues seem to involve animal welfare--which never rises above a 30 % favorability rate. He hust doe3sn't seem to like kittens and puppy dogs.

Snerd Gronk said...

5th Estate: "... He hust doe3sn't seem to like kittens and puppy dogs.

SG: As your post indicates, apparent 'pussys' don't like him either ...

I'll 'boldly' avoid the obvious 'Het Stence' comments ...


thepoetryman said...

It's good to see hookers with principles! :>)