Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Non-Person Of The Year

Time Magazine has a tradition of recognizing (though not necessarily "honoring") a person or persons deemed most influential and significant in any given year.

In the spirit of fairness and balance, I humbly offer the distaff side of this "recognition"--the least significant and least influential person or persons of the last twelve months:

May I present "The Non-Person Of The Year"

For tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% and tax breaks for the wealthiest business that placed an $100 billion dollar a year immediate burden on the majority and added approximately $30,000 in future debt to every tax paying individual whilst social services and infrastructure investment were cut.
For the millions spent on a 60-day tour touting Social Security "reform" despite obvious public awareness that the scheme would cost more and deliver less.
For the administration’s continuing claims of ties between Hussein and Al Qaida and Iraq’s threat to the US despite a majority of the public finally recognizing that lies led to the war and occupation.
For the purely political and simply vindictive "outing" of a CIA NOC whose duty was specifically to prevent the acquisition of nuclear materials by terrorists who wish harm the US.
For the firing of government officials performing their public duty of ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.
For the refusal to provide verifiable election results and the continued use of flawed purge lists.
For the planting of propaganda and the manipulation of the "free press"
For having personal religios beliefs used as a means of oppression and manipulation
For the preferential provision of flu-vaccine to Congress
For sending troops to battle in insufficient numbers, with insufficient armor, bullets and supplies
For refusing dead soldiers honor guards and shipping them as freight
For cutting veterans benefits and healthcare
For leaving Hurricane Katrina victims to their own devices
For spying on peace groups and labeling at least half of US citizens as treasonous, unpatriotic, un-American.
For reserving the right to incarcerate, convict and torture by presidential fiat, without due process, representation or appeal
For eviscerating the separation of powers, the separation of church and state and public representation in favor of ultimate executive power

For all these reasons ( and others that could be mentioned), for being ignored, manipulated, burdened and suppressed I nominate the average American Citizen the "Non-Person of the Year".