Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Iraq War Explained-Click on the Link!

Holy crap! It's been a month since I posted anything! I put it down to a combination of disorganization and "weltshmertz". I'm laboring on an analysis of the Israel-Lebanon War ("crisis" ? Hah!) but in lieu of my pathetic efforts (or lack thereof) I highly recommend "The Iraq War Explained", courtesy of the BBC, Channel 4 and Google's new video service.

Not only is it incisively funny like "The Daily Show" it provides they type of deep and crtical narrative in one hour that Jon Stewart is obliged to spread throughout a season, and though much of its basic content is familiar there a plenty of jabs at UK policy and punditry too which gets little notice here in the US .

I couldn't tell exactly but I think the programme ( sic) dates from late 2003 or early 2004, yet given the continuing "stay the course" policies from Bush and Blair it is still relevant.

Though I may be biased, what strikes me about this video is the depth of knowledge that underpins this comedic yet serious commentary and the fact that it was transmitted on traditional broadcast airwaves during prime-time--it was something that ABC, CBS, NBC et al. would never have done. That fact and the fact that the BBC and ITV's Channel 4 were prepared to collaborate in this effort also points to a greater independence of the UK televsion media than exists in the US, and thus a greater appreciation for the viewing audience.

Anyway, you can stream it ( it will buffer, which really helps) or download Google's media player and to save and watch it later at your convenience. Whatever your choice, watch it.