Sunday, July 29, 2007

Left, RIght and Wrong

Sometime "you just feel like a nut", hence this:

Two wrongs make a Right, and three wrongs make an even-more Right, whereas one Left makes a Wrong and two Lefts make two Wrongs.

This is why the Rights have to be more wrong more often than the Left ( who have to be wrong only once) so that the Right, by being more Right through being more wrong than the Left (who have to be wrong only once) can properly counter the Left who are inherently wrong and thus don't have to work as hard at being wrong--which is just typical of the slacker Left.

So you see, you just can't even begin to compare Left with Right because no matter how hard you try (and I know you don't because you are Left) the Right will always be right because they work harder at being wrong, and therefore are simply superior and incomparable to the Left.

Of course, if you were to admit that you were wrong and agreed to the Right's extraordinary rightness (acquired by multiple wrongness), you'd still be wrong, because you are Left. It's like the opposite of being gay--you are born Left and wrong and there's nothing you can do about it so just accept what's Right.