Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bye, Bye, Miss American Lie....

"…Drove my Chevy to the levee---but no one anticipated the levees would be breached"

"There’s nothing new in these (AP-acquired, government agency teleconferences concerning Katrina) tapes.
" Move along now, nothing to see…" say the White House propagandists.

They are right, actually. There is nothing "new" in these tapes.

There’s nothing new in Bush failing to lead (or even to participate) when faced with a national emergency. There's nothing new about his willful negligence.
There's nothing new about his mendacious "appreciation of folks" who were trying to prevent disaster or those who were victims; nothing new in his lies about what he knew and when he knew it; nothing new in his criminal negligence and depraved disregard for the people he had sworn, under oath, to serve.

What is "new" though, is that the evidence is now plain and it is public.

There is now a public record of what was known and what was possible and what was being said and done.
And then there is the public record of what we were told was known, and told what was said and told what was done.

Where did this evidence come from?

Not from the Republican controlled Houses of Congress who are supposed to represent the people.
Not from the President who is elected to serve the people.
It came from an unknown cadre of career civil servants who can no longer resolve the words of this government with its deeds; who can no longer reconcile the difference between what they know and what the public is told and still maintain their conscience.

Whilst politicians vote themselves raises every year regardless, whilst they serve their own egos and their own interests and sign book deals and go on paid speaking tours, and take vacations and recesses from their "work", the thousands who work at the pleasure of their politically appointed bosses, who investigate the issues and compile the reports that the politicians are supposed to use to fulfill their sworn duty to serve the public have clearly had enough of the lies, the deceit and the threats that have become the "stock in trade" of this venal, corrupt, incompetent, vindictive and criminal administration.

The real public servants, the real patriots are the hardworking "unknowns" of the government that are now rising up and revealing the truth about the "state of the union".
They have finally had enough. And so, I hope, have we.


Red Tory said...

I supposed we're going to get the familar semantic arguments trotted out about the "breaching" vs. "topping" the levees.

RadicalPurple said...

Yech. I was fighting that argument over at the Olberman Watch blog. What a bunch of half-wits.