Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Captain Future

I was going to work on this a little bit more, but as usual the antics of the Bush Administration added layers of absurdity that I couldn't completely address in just one image.

So dear readers it's up to you to determine whether the vampire bat represents the Constitution, the Republican rebellion, terrorists etc.

It's also your choice as to whether the vacuum-cleaner powered chair Bush seems to be controlling represents alternative energy sources, the Supreme Court, or a thermos of Jack Daniels essential to hunting trips.

One thing I do know: whatever the hell is going on, it's just plain wrong---like this illustration. So in a way it all makes sense; to someone, somewhere, somehow.

The good news for Bush, according to CBS News’s latest poll is that Bush ("the fun, cute one") has almost double the approval rating of Cheney ("the grumpy, scary one") so I guess Bush may have dodged a bullet there (ahem).

But in the hunt for popular approval it seems he’s still being peppered by birdshot from several directions, and most of the shooters seem to be more sober than usual.

As of now, Bush’s Overall Job Approval Rating is still an impressive 34%.

As the self proclaimed "master of low expectations", he’s doing a "heck of a job."

And speaking of a heck of a job, let’s not forget CBS itself who decided not to highlight in their reporting some other salient results of the full survey, such as:

43% approve of his handling of the "War On Terror"
say things are going badly in Iraq
say Iraq isn’t worth the cost
53% say removing Hussein wasn’t worth it
say it wasn’t "the right thing to do"

But wait, there’s more!

70% disapprove of the Dubai Ports deal!

But let’s not mention that, shall we? Why shoot a guy in the face when he’s down? Presidentin’ is "hard work" after all.

Of course none of this matters to Bush anyway because today’s news is already yesterday’s news, and he’s moving on.

For Bush the present is already the past, the "now" is "then" and when history is written we’ll all be dead.
Polls don’t matter; what matters is the future and to see it you have to squint real hard, just like he does.
He’s Captain Future, Man of Tommorooooowwwwww!


Carl said...

The bat is Cheney.

You'll note how Bush is paying lip service to fending off the threat by using an egg beater...

Red Tory said...

That picture makes me think of Stephen Colbert's book, "Alpha Squad 7: Lady Nocturne: A Tek Jansen Adventure." It's about as real as anything that comes out of Bush's mouth.

I love how the diehard Bushies are quibbling over how supposedly distorted the CBS poll was. Heh. Good luck with that.

5th Estate said...

Carl... I think it's actually a Ronco (tm) smoke ring blowing thingie that you can't get in stores anywhere but which nonetheless provides minutes of fun for kids from 6 to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...

and Red...I'm hoping against hope that Colbert can actually find the time to actually write "Alpha Squad...Lady...Adventure"

Say! maybe I should work-up a critque of the artwork and you could stick it on your blog ( apropos the bad art concept?--thanks for the MOBA link, I laughed until I stopped)

More on ( or moron) the poll in mylatest post.

Carl said...


Did you see your favorite Pundon't spoke out again last night?

Neal Cavuto on the Iraq "Civil War"

Carl said...

By the way, I can accept your explanation for the Ronco thing in his hand, but why is he slinging a martini shaker over his shoulder?

Or is that a canister vacuum cleaner?

5th Estate said...

Carl...deep, deep questions and both valid...but I'd go with the latter. There's only circumstancial evidence that Bush still hit's the "sauce" but there's absolutely no doubt that he's in control of everything that sucks. (I kill me!)

Off to check out Cavuto right now...thanks for the link!

Red Tory said...

Ah... you gotta love Cavuto and his "Common Sense" which basically translates into "You are feeling sleepy, very, very sleepy... blah, blah, blah, blah... the civil war is a figment of your imagination... blah, blah... George Bush is good..."