Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day?

231 years ago, Americans rose up to claim freedom from the tyranny of a dictator wielding a massive military and a government oblivious to the rights of the common man.

No longer would they tolerate the appointed monarch, George, financing imperial ambitions in far-off lands from American taxes, nor suffer the intrusions of government agents and arbitrary rulings of George and his representatives, nor permit the promotion of politically and religiously connected cronies to act and govern in their own self-interest.

My, how far we have come since then!!


Aeneas the Younger said...

I get your sarcasm ...

However, this narrative is nothing more than propaganda. The Rebels were a minority who did not want to pay their fair share for the Imperial benefits they were reaping. The shots at Concord were the opening salvo in the emergence of a truly materialist ethos - one hundred (or so ...) years before Marx.

5th Estate said...


Good to hear from you again!

My little narrative here is far from original---it is of course pretty obvious.

It is also trite, a hallmark of propaganda.

The Rebels certainly began as a minority (that's how it works of course) and were manipulated by an elite (as happens today).

I get what I think is your criticism. It is sentimental bullshit--but such ideals can still serve a common good and improve the public lot.
That said, a dispassionately informed lnowledge of history can significantly mitigate foolish future policy and the course of nations.

ANd I gues that's really the problen isn't it?

Aeneas the Younger said...


A false premise leads to false postulations and etc ...

(have been engaged in moving last month, but I am back !)