Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sobriety Test

Who would you rather have a beer with?

That was how the competition for the Presidency was summed-up by our press in 2004 and the electorate supposedly chose to have a beer with an un-recovered alcoholic who wouldn’t shut-up, never made a lick of sense, never bought a round, lost every bar-bet and refused to pay up and then challenged everyone to a fight.
Now, as the bell for last-orders is being rung, our drinking buddy is preparing to piss on the juke-box and throw-up by the front door just before catching a stretch limousine home whilst we have to pay the tab and clean-up.

It’s weird; he seemed like such a decent, regular guy when we first met him. And as we stagger home feeling the onset of a massive hangover, we swear, on three-thousand eight-hundred and something graves, that we’re never going to do that again!


not_over_it said...

The closest Bush has ever come to being a regular guy was when he added fiber to his diet.

Kevin Hayden said...

I ordered a beer and got a freekin' Bloody Mary and insteada Worcestershire, the barkeep added used motor oil.

Carl said...


Excellent post!

I had this friend, Vinnie...nice guy, someone you wanted to have a beer with...and usually you'd end up in someone else's bed before you sobered up the next afternoon.