Saturday, June 30, 2007

American Idiot

The US may be running-out of decent jobs, uncontaminated food, clean rivers and international goodwill, but one thing it still has plenty-of, is idiots. And not just ordinary idiots, but idiots with influence and power:

"The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discrimination on the basis of race.”
That is the learned opinion of Chief Justice John Roberts regarding the larger context of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling striking-down mandated racial diversity in Kentucky public schools. (h/t Teaghan’s Mom)

Boy, Chief Justice Roberts works really hard for his $260,000-something a year, doesn’t he?

Roberts also just decided that the phrase “Bong Hits 4 Jesus”, despite being “cryptic", could also “reasonably be regarded as encouraging illegal drug use" --and thus I suppose the equivalent of incitement to riot, or murder, or the overthrow of the government?

I would have thought that the way to stop encouraging illegal drug use through cryptic phrases would be to stop encouraging illegal drug use through cryptic phrases, rather than “legislating from the bench”.

Moving on, you’d think the military, especially one engaged in combat, would be the last place you’d find an idiot in charge, wouldn’t you?
You would? Well then, you’re an idiot! (and you too could be a General!)

General Peter Pace: “What’s most important is do the Iraqi people feel better about today than they did about yesterday, and do they think tomorrow’s going to be better than today?”
A few weeks ago an ABC/BBC poll found that 82 percent of Iraqis “lack confidence” in coalition forces and 69 percent said coalition forces make “the security situation worse.”
When asked if he actually knew how the Iraqi people currently feel about the U.S. occupation of Iraq Pace conceded “I do not have that in my head.”

It has been noted that more votes are cast on American Idol than in Presidential elections.

In six years US economic growth has dropped to half that of major European nations, its debt and deficits are at record levels and still increasing. 5 million have been added to the official poor. No new jobs have been created. Personal bankruptcy has increased.
Infant mortality has increased, longevity decreased. Food is increasingly contaminated. The cost of living has increased, real wages decreased. New Orleans still lies in ruins. The US has been fighting two wars collectively for 5 years without progress. International terrorism has quadrupled. The US is now viewed as a threat to nations, not a benefactor.
The right to trial and the presentation of evidence has been rescinded. Kidnapping and torture is policy. Domestic spying is policy. Justice serves politics, not the people.
Public property is made private. Private companies have more rights than individuals and are permitted to operate outside the law.
Money is “free speech” and corporations write the laws. Voting is a business not a right. Government is by some people for some people with liberty for a few. The President and the Vice-President, empowered by the people do not answer to the people.

How did this America?!

What are you; an idiot?


teaghan's mom said...

don't forget that Roberts has a job for life so we can expect more gems like this for a LONG ASS time to come. gee, aren't you thrilled?

btw - thanks for the hat tip!

teaghan's mom said...

speaking of idiots... the federal courts in this country are insane - apparently words are enough to "kill":

June 29, 2007
Purdue Student Convicted of Threatening to Kill Bush and Cheney
A federal jury convicted a graduate student at Purdue University on Thursday of threatening to kill President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and other government officials involved in the Iraq War, the Associated Press reported. The student, Vikram Buddhi, is a 35-year-old citizen of India and has been studying engineering at Purdue for a decade. He was convicted of using other Purdue students’ online identities to post crude threats in a financial-news chat room in 2005 and 2006. The jury found his threats could not be construed as criticism of the Iraq War protected by the right to free speech. Mr. Buddhi could be sentenced to as many as 35 years in prison. —Andrew Mytelka
from the Chronicle of Higher Education

5th Estate said...

Yes I'd seen that... interesting that Kristol and Kagan for example can threaten an entire country (Iran)but they get paid for their threats, not arrested for them.

sumo said...

We're quite a country now aren't we? More people vote on American Twadle than vote for the presidency. The administration finally got its wish...we are a nation of dumbed down zombies...just like them.

Carl said...

We're not idiots. We're Americans.

That makes us assholes.

5th Estate said...


Tragically, reasonably, that's how the rest of the world sees us--collectively anyway.
In my last few trips to the UK I've been fairly reasonably identified as a "Yank" by the locals but greeted warmly. On my last trip to Chicago I was called a fucking limey bastard ( and other things) by some fellow American who, it transpired, had been alive several years less than I had lived in the States--making me technically "more American" than him. He was the defintion of an asshole.

Bagelsan said...

"Infant mortality has increased, longevity decreased. Food is increasingly contaminated. The cost of living has increased, real wages decreased. New Orleans still lies in ruins."

I was skimming and happened to skip down to that bit directly from the quotes from General Pace, and I was literally thinking "wow, we really screwed up Iraq!" until I got to "New Orleans" and realized you meant the US. Oh boy.