Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Why Wait? The People Have The Power Of The Purse

The power of purse doesn’t just lie with the Congress, but with the tax-payer.

If on April the 15th the public filed income-tax extensions to delay the continued funding of policies with which the majority do not agree, and by which they do not benefit, then perhaps our government might finally act to satisfy the will of the people whom they are constitutionally, morally and legally bound to serve.

Why wait for 2008?

Now, I fully realize that the government isn't living from paycheck to paycheck (every April 15th) and plenty of people count on their refunds.

Deferring income-tax payments until August wouldn't change a damn thing. But the act of doing so, en-masse, as a protest, might keep the pressure on this profligate administration and provide further ammunition for the Democrats who are being stymied by an evenly split Senate in their efforts to end the Iraq occupation.

It wouldn't be an exercise in power, but perhaps in influence.

However, as brilliant as this idea is in theory, it has been brought to my attention that in may not be practical. Trouble is a hell of a lot of people simply can't afford to follow this suggestion.
Still, for those who can, why not?
And besides even if it is a stupid, impractical idea, so was the Iraq war and look at what an impression that made! If just the notion got some publicity, who knows what might happen ( hopefully nothing bad).


teaghan's mom said...

i don't think this would have the impact you are looking for. the IRS, being an 'independent agency,' would be inundated with paperwork, causing more work for the already overworked and incompetent staff, and i fear it would backfire with devastating consequences to the majority of taxpayers (the middle class and the poverty level) and cause millions of filings to be horribly botched.

imho, of course!

5th Estate said...

Do I know you?
It's really a dman if you do, damned if you don;t situation, isn;t it?

I just thought it was a neat idea, but so were pet rocks.

Stupid reality!

sumo said...

Not a dumb idea at all...the thing that ruins it are the families that have to have their money. If we were all in a position to just say screw it for this time...it would have some impact...but unfortunately the "pur" people need their coin. But it shows you are always thinking...right?

teaghan's mom said...

i never said it was a stupid idea. in fact, i even considered it on a few occasions. like sumo said, if we were all in a positive cash flow position and could do it, i say let's do it! but being one of the "just above poverty level" people in this country (because i work in education), i can't afford to do this, and i know that i am in the unfortunate majority of low income taxpayers. fact remains, i pay over 20% of my entire salary in taxes - when someone that makes 10 times what i make pays less than 10%. this is NOT equitable and i challenge you, brit, to figure out how a protest can reverse those numbers so someone that makes little to no money pays little to no taxes and those that make a shitload of money pay a shitload in taxes. that is your mission, if you choose to accept it, but if you are caught we will deny your existence and disavow any connection to you. this message will self destruct in 5 seconds.

InternetJunkie said...

Unfortunately, an extension doesn't mean you don't pay your taxes by April 15th. You still have to pay the money - you just get an extension on the paperwork, which has never made any sense to me.