Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Perle's Lost Lustre

So there I was, face to face with the Prince of Darkness, Richard Perle.

According to my intelligence sources I’d have been justified in launching a unilateral strike in his ‘crotchal’ region, yelling “Whose your Baghdaddy now, bitch?!!!

But before I could act a nervous young man handed me his camera so that he, the only fan of Perle’s out of nearly 500 attendees, might have a memento of the day he met one of his heroes. He offered a paperback copy of one of Perle’s screeds for an autograph whilst I preserved the moment of political porn.

The dirty deed was done and then it was my turn.

Neuron’s fired chemo-electric charges across myriad synapses commanding my muscles into action and in the blinking of an eye I was shaking Perle’s hand and telling him “Good job!” and then he simply disappeared into the darkness from whence he came.

No, I wasn’t having a nightmare.

Perle was attending as a panelist in one of a series of town-hall discussions being conducted by PBS, anchored on its new documentary series America at a Crossroads which will air in April.
This particular event was hosted at DePaul University’s Merle Reskin Theater (under the auspices of DePaul’s Offic of Islamic Studies in conjunction with the Global Voices lecture series) in Chicago and I just happened to be helping-out.

Why, given the opportunity, didn’t I take Perle to task for his active promotion of a policy that has killed many thousands of innocents?--because it would have been pointless; my complaints would have fallen on deaf ears, and besides there was no need.

Perle did actually do a “good job” during the discussion and the question period. Maintaining his usual specious arguments, flawed logic and revisionist rhetoric he clearly demonstrated his inadequate intellect, willful ignorance and the bankruptcy of the neo-con philosophies and policies.

Although he has opined of late that his fellow neocons have mismanaged US policy he still maintains the absurd underlying neocon philosophy of an imperial, militarily aggressive America ultimately benefits the global community. And though he no longer officially advises on US policy his fellow neocons are still entrenched in positions of power and influence.
Having committed to several more appearances anchored on the PBS series in which he will invariably face skeptical audiences Perle has unwittingly begun to knot the rope with which he will ultimately hang himself (and by association condemn his fellows) in full view of the public.

So ultimately that’s why I shook his hand and encouraged him, instead of berating him or punching him in the face. He has chosen to step into the light, he will shrivel under it, and there will be no one to blame except himself. And we all get to watch.


Carl said...

Ex-lax in the drinking glass, Brit.

wait til next time...

Well, at least you can take comfort in the fact you screwed the guy's sole memento of his meeting with shaky hands.

Right? :-)

5th Estate said...

Carl, follow the PBS link and you'll see Perle will be in NYC soon. You might want to attend.

Carl said...


Past tense. It happened Jan. 24

Anonymous said...

perle will be in philly on april 4, that's not too far from nyc, is it?

sumo said...

I think you were brilliant in your assessment and actions. The rope has writ and with each word...

InternetJunkie said...

As with all neoconservative excuses, the problem wasn't with the idea but the execution.

And I think we can all rest easy in the knowledge that no matter what the outcome of this Administration, it was Bill Clinton's fault.

Seth said...

perle will be in philly, it's confirmed here.

will be interesting to see what the differences in reaction are....