Friday, October 06, 2006

Best Blog Links

To anyone arriving here via the ever-excellent Crooks & Liars (or just by accident) my "American Inquistion" post is IMHO decent, but nothing to get too excited about. One post amongst millions, however adequate, doesn't amount to a bean, let alone a hill of them.
So in the hope of making your visit more worthwhile, here's a handy list of links to prevous posts that have been most popular--apparently becuase I'm better at satire than serious comment. So click on a couple and hopefully you'll be sufficiently amused that you might have reason to return every once in a while.

The Dukes of Hazzard County
America’s Giant Balls: A Larger View
The Iraqi Free Press-A $100 million Value!

Geeks Gone Wild
The Art of Writing: Who’s Your Dada?
Cheney: I Have al-Quailda In My Sights!
Best Presidential Library Ever!
Captain Future!
Cricket Explained
You Don’t Know Jack!
Robots Are People Too!
Plato’s All-American Mexican-Free Republic
DHS and the Three F’s
Bush’s Memoirs


t's mom said...

i had no idea that you were such a bloody perfectionist!

really, i do say my dear man, you are simply sublime!

KEvron said...

you got a hat tip from c&l? coool! how 'bout a link to the post in which you were mentioned?


KEvron said...

ooops! i see counter-coulter has alredy provied that link on the relevant thread.

carry on....


Truth-Pain said...

Nice to swim in different waters now and then...

sumo said...

As long as it isn't with the sharks!