Friday, May 26, 2006


The “big news” from Bush and Blair’s latest confab according to quite a few in the MSM is the admission of “mistakes”.
Bush admitted “Bring em’on“ was a mistake because “it sent the wrong signal to people” and that the Abu Ghraib scandal was the “biggest mistake.”
Blair said “we could have done the de-Baathification in a more differentiated way than we did.” (Actually the UK had nothing to do with de-Baathification, that was entirely Bremer’s scheme).
Missing from this list of “mistakes”?

Abandoning Afghanistan to invade Iraq in the first place.
Invading despite international objections.
Lying about the casus belli.
Lying about the financial cost of the war.
Ignoring advice on troop levels needed to establish security and order.
Sending troops into battle with insufficient armor and bullets.
Failing to secure 477 tons of explosives.
Allowing looting.
Preventing immediate local regional elections
Promulgating Ahmed Chalabi as a national leader.
No-bid contracts.
Hiring juveniles from the Heritage foundation to administrate a country.
Cutting soldier’s benefits.

Of course there are more mistakes to list, but the biggest mistake of all perhaps lies not with Bush alone but with ignorant, self-obsessed, arrogant and easily-swayed Americans more interested in shopping and American Idol than choosing a responsible and reasonable government that makes life and death decisions.

The time for admitting mistakes will come in November 2006 and then in 2008. In the meantime tens of thousands will suffer and die as a result of even these three admitted “mistakes”.


thepoetryman said...

This post is a freat read! Thank you. I posted a poem yesterday that fits it to a tee!


Pay attention if you can…
They bring the wits `round to craving futile noise;
Clutter and drivel and trivia and claptrap!
A tube-fed nation, inhaling the steady numbness of the cut and flash;
The bombardment of a saber-toothed reflection; Barbie doll drivel and spit!
The world’s come a calling and you’ve not noticed it!
Pay attention if you can…
The burning world’s come to stay
and you’ve not a clean thing to wear
And the house is a mess!
A tyrant’s knocking on your pipes listening to your incessant tirade
About American Idol and Brittany Spears!
Your personal data’s being scanned, copied, and put up for trade
While you lounge `round in your God awful tube-fed charade!
Pay attention if you can…
Electro-gadgetry’s stolen your memory,
While the blazing world’s been tapping at your door,
and a tyrant’s been rummaging `round your bedroom!
There are men at work in your yard digging a memory hole
And they’ll lower you down; bury you `neath the solemn ground,
But you won’t notice...


betmo said...

sheesh- who's a killjoy now? :) i completely agree with what you are saying. i never thought that i was an elitist before but i genuinely try to practice what i preach- don't own an suv, still live in the same apartment for 10 years, conserve water, recycle, help my fellow man. not because i am religious- but because i am a human being. i say that because god is supposed to be leading these 2 men- because as we all know- he's on their side. if the people in this country get snowballed by the hot button smokescreen topics as they have before- then we as a collective nation deserve what we get. if the elections had not been so close as to leave room for doubt- we wouldn't have had a problem with bush, et al in the first place.