Friday, March 24, 2006

In Allah We Trust

No doubt Afghani Abdul Rachman must feel very comforted by the outcry and concern of western governments and fellow Christians who are petitioning to save him from being sentenced to death as a result of his insulting and humiliating Allah by having converted to Christianity sixteen years ago.

On the other hand, he might be feeling a tad miffed at the fact that these same governments (and many American Christians) encouraged, ratified and praised the Afghan constitution that may well seal his fate wherein it is stated in Article Three:

In Afghanistan, no law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam.”

Damn! Never saw that coming! Dang it!

Oh well, never mind. The Afghan constitution was just a practice run anyway.
The Iraq constitution is way better! Just look at the Iraqi’s Article 3:

Iraq is a multiethnic, multi-religious and multi-sect country. It is part of the Islamic world and its Arab people are part of the Arab nation.”

See? Nothing to worry about there! If that doesn’t sound democratic then I…hang on a sec…ummmm

Article (2): 1st – “Islam is the official religion of the state and is a basic source of legislation:
(a) No law can be passed that contradicts the undisputed rules of Islam

Double dang it! Shoot! Darn!

Maybe the third time’s a charm? What about the Palestinian constitution?

Article 7: “The principles of Islamic Shari’a are a major source for legislation. Civil and religious matters of the followers of monotheistic religions shall be organized in accordance with their religious teachings and denominations within the framework of law, while preserving the unity and independence of the Palestinian people.”

What the…!?
Is everyone cribbing off each other?
Don’t these people understand that religion and democracy don’t mix?
Have they learned nothing from George Bush?


Red Tory said...

How stupid is it to enshrine the primacy of the civil law in the constitution? It's completely absurd. This contradiction was pointed out immediately by critics of both the Afghan and Iraqi constitutions and nobody listened.

5th Estate said...

Yup! And of course here in the US the right wing fundies continue to yammer on about how the US was "founded as a Christian nation" and that the law is based on the Ten Commandments and that freedom is the "gift of God"--all crap of course. It's fascinating how they can't see how much they have in common with the Islamic fundies.

Red Tory said...

I don't care whether they are Islamic or Christian, fundamentalists are just two sides of the same coin in my opinion. Same mentality...