Saturday, September 17, 2005

If We Don’t Bomb Europe, Who Will?

According to Tony Blankely (erstwhile press-secretary to Newt Gingrich, former Reagan speechwriter/ political analyst, weekly political columnist/editorial page editor of the Washington Times and the large smug noisy object on ‘The McLaughlin Report’) the threats just keep on coming--not from China, Cuba, North Korea or Iran but from Europe.

In his latest book, The West's Last Chance: Will We Win the Clash of Civilizations? (published by Regnery) “Bombs Away” Blankley posits that Europe is being overrun by Islamic extremists bent on using it as a base from which to attack the United States.

Blankely makes part of his case with claims as bloated as his own physique and ego. From his self-serving promotional post on the Huffington Post he writes:

“Indeed, Muslim parts of Paris, Rotterdam, and other European cities are already labeled "no-go zones" for ethnic Europeans, including armed policemen.”

The fact that armed German, French, Spanish and British police have arrested dozens of suspects in urban Muslim areas since 9-11, 3-11 and 7-7 rather undercuts this claim, as does the fact that NO European police force or politician has declared any part of any European city a “no-go” area for either authorities or “ethnic Europeans”

Tony goes on to say: “If the current leaders of Europe do not respond to the Islamist threat boldly and effectively, the common European people might decide to defend their culture as vigilantes. In that case, Europe will again become a bloody urban battleground.”

Ah yes, the “common European people” from that tiny old country of Europe with all it’s quaint little states and funny dialects and weird food and inability to protect itself without the good old US of A. Tony’s fat-fingered grasp of civilizations clearly extends far beyond his spell-checker. But I digress….

What really matters and what Tony Blankely as a public service insists we understand is this:

“What's more, an Islamified Europe would be as great a threat to the United States today as a Nazified Europe would have been to the United States in the 1940s. Even before Pearl Harbor, Franklin Roosevelt understood that a Nazi-dominated Europe would be more than a fearsome military and industrial threat; it would be a civilizational [sic] threat. Now we face another civilizational threat in insurgent Islam.”

The big issue isn’t that Tony Blankely insists on torturing the English language, history, facts, basic sentence construction and logic. The big issue is that Muslims threaten Europe, and thus will Europe threaten the US. Logically therefore the US must bomb Europe before the whole situation spirals out of control. After all it's a lot easier to bomb the shit out of an imaginary problem than to deal with a real one.
Clearly someone has to bomb Europe and wouldn't it be a whole lot better for the US to do it? After all we've got the bombs, we've got the will, we've got the policy and it's what we, the US, are best at.

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