Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bush Baby?

Not my usual type of subject, but Jenna “The Wild One” Bush just got engaged to one Henry Hager who, as an aide to recently expunged Bush-brain Karl Rove, would now seem to be unemployed (just like Jenna herself) and thus eligible for government handouts.

Wedding plans have yet to be announced. Also yet to be announced is why she’s gained so much weight over the past few months when “the other one” is still quite trim, as are her parents. (pictorial timeline of Jenna’s form here at the egregiously gossipy but entertaining Wonkette).

But I should stop right there.
Who am I to pry and poke at the adult First Daughter’s appearance? Why, such a thing would surely breach the bounds of decency!

And to insinuate that she, the daughter of a firm advocate of abstinence before marriage, might be pregnant out of wedlock would be quite beyond the pale. No doubt the proof that Jenna has simply been overindulging in Hamburgers and potato salad whilst vacationing with Sarkozy will be made evident in the next few months.

Indeed on the day of her wedding we should all be able to look forward to Jenna looking radiant and at her very best, as every bride and every groom and every witness desires.

I wonder when the wedding will be. October? I'm just guessing.


DoctorBoogaloo said...

If I were the young man, I would think twice about going duck hunting with Dick.

Penny said...

Heh heh, I hope they can pull the wedding off before October, if she is that - uh - far along!!

I liked the reference at the other page, to the War Crimes Trial. One can only pray....!!! And lobby!

P.S. Tanks (as it were) for the message over at my place! Your Nexus post, btw, went in ahead of my last words... I hope. We "must" think a certain way to make certain claims?? Wrong-oh!!

Parklife said...

5th your on fire with your recent posts... nice work..

oh.. btw.. I'm going with fat on this one. Rich people get abortions.