Thursday, March 22, 2007

Brits Fail To Bomb Manchester For London Bombing,2933,260450,00.html

British police arrested three suspects in Manchester. England, today for theri suspected role in the 7/7 undergrounf bombings.
Although Tony Blair has been such a steadfast "with" guy instead of an "against" guy why hasn't he bombed Manchester for harboring terrorists--isn't that what George Bush would have wanted? After all, isn't suspicion the standard of proof these days?

If the UK really is our best ally in the GWOT they have to stand up to their responsibilites and bomb the crap out of their own country. Only then will the US stand down and only then will terrorists be not-emboldened .


salmon said...

jersey is the place son

5th Estate said...

Salmon...swimming aginst the stream?
Checked out your blog---nice one Cyril!You blag like a tosser! Talk about minge, you are one!

InternetJunkie said...

Yeah, we know all about England's crackdown on terrorists.

So, how many of those 24 suspects arrested on the fly are still actually in custody?

And how about the guy the police shot and killed, and then tried to cover it up by saying he was a terrorist - any lawsuits yet?

Yep. Tony Blair's efforts are really starting to pay off.

5th Estate said...

The difference of course is that domestically the British effort is based on practising the law instead of subverting it ( seems that at least SOME lessons have been learned from the IRA days). Those "swept-up" get released quickly if the evidence is lacking instead of being incarcerated indefinitely. Those that can be brought to trial get a public trial and representation, not a secret military tribunal.
Of course the UK Govt has been complicit in the US rentioning program and I;ve yet to see any public accounting of their handing-over "enemy combatants" to the not so tender ministrations of the US.