Monday, July 03, 2006

Normal Service Will Be Resumed as Soon As Possible, and The Non-Story of A

I stopped posting for a while because I really couldn't think of anything satisfactory to say and I couldn't focus--I have a dozen half-arsed posts that I just couldn't complete and publish.

Now I have some technical problems on my PC and my best bet is to "rebuild" it. With all the software and gizmos I have it will likely take a few days to do a thorough job.

I've also been away from home these last few days, and had an interesting encounter: I happened to meet and chat with a government analyst who had just returned from Iraq.

I'm being obscure in this telling out of courtesy to the individual in question--protecting the source. I'll call this person "A".

"A" was both circumspect and open in answering my questions and responding to my comments regarding "A"s visit and findings. "A" apparently has been doing this sort of thing for quite a while and is very bright and dedicated and experienced and above all professional in the best sense of the word.

"A" had one "small" aspect of the Iraq situation. What "A" told me was not really surprising, but it was still surprising. " A" , actually being there and apprised of the situation had a hard time believing how bad things STILL were and how horribly mismanaged everything was.

I asked about "A"s professional position.
A had been "tempted several times" to disclose what's going on, the ramifications and so forth but hasn't yet. A's job is to report,

I asked for some good news.

"A" responded with a wry laugh. There was some "good news" but precious little and of unfortunately no significance.

"A" has had enough. I didn't press "A" on policy or politics, but "A" was pretty clear: The Iraq adventure was and continues to be horribly mismanaged. There is no progress and "A" cannot be involved with it any more. "A" will not quit government service, but is certainly prtepared to quite this government's policies.

Yeah, I know this sounds and reads badly--it's not real reporting. But it's interesting to hear from such a source, and very sad too.


betmo said...

another reason to post for peace. sorry about your computer. hope that you get it fixed soon. your posts are always thoughtful and thought provoking to say the least- so post when you can- but enjoy some time off too- even if it isn't what you had in mind :)

Carl said...

It's unfortunate that there are people in government-- honest people, people just trying to do their jobs-- that get their hands tied because "it wouldnt look good".

5th Estate said...

Carl--we are nonetheless fortunate that there are civil servants who despite their frustrations continue to serve the public interest as best they can. The fact that corrupt politicians and connected businessmen are being investigated, tried and convicted and that information about the infringement of civil liberties, domestic spying, war profiteering etc still m,akes it into the public arena gives me plenty of hope that the grip of self-serving Republicans and their cronies is not as firm as they'd like.

eyedoc333 said...

I give him an "A" for effort.