Monday, May 08, 2006

World O' Crap

It's a World O' Crap out there, and nobody suits-up to wade through the collective cloacae of the wrongest of the Right, collecting their chugnuts and dingleberries of opinion and theory and then dissecting the respective spoors to reveal and explain exactly what it is that they digest and eject and fail to clean up(despite the clearly posted signs about fouling public spaces) like WO'C!.

Just a couple of months ago I stepped into the World O' Crap courtesy of RedTory's blogroll, and since then I've stuck with it (or it stuck to me).

WO'C consistently treads where most dare not; going in feet-first and taking a hands-on approach to exploring the murky mysterious effluence that constitutes so much of the right-wing blogosphere--spelunking, if you will, in a vast but otherwise obscure guano- drenched subterranean world hidden from the main public view and lurking just below the surface.

Heedless of the inevitable mental stress and pyschological toll, WO'C delves elbow-deep and beyond ( and without elitist "opera-gloves"), constantly probing elephant-sized piles of shit for the smallest kernels of truth. Yet after exhaustive examination the kernels often prove to be only undigested corn niblets of dubious goodness and origin.

Undeterred, WO'C presses on through the murk.
Like Jacques Cousteau trying to climb Mount Everest or Neil Cavuto trying to make sense WO'C soldier's-on regardless; totally convinced that by shining a highly focused laser beam through the sphincter of right-wing righteousness and illuminating the alimentary canal of neo-conservatism beyond, we shall all see things we would never have seen before, or wish to see again and be the better for it.

The author and owner of World O'Crap is nothing less than a documentarian of shittitude, a 'Ken Burns 'of scatalogical assemblience verite' en droit * if you will--you kno wat am talkin 'bout!.
Like any Ken Burns documentary you can't help but watch and learn not for your own benefit, but just so you can talk intelligently with your elitist liberal friends until the bong-hits kick in.

So go visit World O' Crap that was once just a blog and is now an actual website and show your support and most importantly to prove to yourself that you are cool!.

And should you happen to notice that I'm a finalist in the WO'C "Write Like a Wingnut" Contest, well, just let Christ and a possible free tank of gas from a certain finalist be your voting guide.

Seriously though, WO'C gets mad so I don't have to nearly as much. It's practically a free mental health service! Oh yeah, and really snarky-funny too!. Visit for your own good!

*don't even bother--it's as French as Harry Potter's spells are Latin!


Carl said...

Ohmygod, Brit....which post was yours?!?!?!?!?

Carl said...

How the fuck did I miss that???

Red Tory said...

Congrats on getting your letter posted! Excellent channeling of Cavuto. You got the tone just right. He's what I'd call a "sensible wingnut" and they can much much tougher to parody than their more unhinged blowhards.

Elderta said...

I knew you were getting paid for that post! :)


And that crap looks way too fresh up top. Yick!

Carl said...



KEvron said...

nicely done, brit!

and scott's got a point: were it not for the occasional editorial wink-and-nudge, i'd have taken your submission for the real mccoy.


Carl said...

KEvronius said...
nicely done, brit!

and scott's got a point: were it not for the occasional editorial wink-and-nudge, i'd have taken your submission for the real mccoy.

Hey, KEv? I think RV's been here imitating NEVER use the phrase "wink-and-nudge"...