Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The United State of Texas

Tom Delay delivering his new campaign slogan "Fuck You, Bitch!" .

This week’s Texas GOP national congressional nomination race was the first in over 20 years in which observers thought Tom Delay might face some competition on account of being indicted on some very serious charges.

Throughout, Delay expressed complete confidence in retaining his position and dadgammit, he won!
Ever gracious in victory Delay said in a statement:

"Not only did they [the voters] reject the politics of personal destruction, but they strongly rejected the candidates who used those Democrat tactics as their platform."

Apparently advisers scratched-out "Now kneeeeeell before ZOD!" at the last minute.

Anyhoo, the big story isn’t that Texan Republicans exhibited classic "battered wife syndrome" courtesy of "The Hammer"; oh no, not at all!

The big story is buried in this little tidbit concerning the race between fellow Democrats Henry Cuellar and Ciro Rodriguez in the one and only Texas district without a Republican challenger.

As the AP casually mentions it:

With about 69 percent of precincts reporting, Cuellar had 16,705 votes, or 49 percent, compared with Rodriguez, who had 15,408 votes, or 45 percent. It was unclear when the race would be decided. The tabulation of early votes in a key county was delayed because of voting-machine software problems, election officials said.

Clearly Democrats can't run their own elections properly (never mind that the entire process from soup to nuts is run and owned by the Republicans)

The Republican run-off apparently went without a hitch.

In 2000 it was Florida that determined the Presidential election.
In 2004 it was Ohio.
In 2008 ? Take a guess!


eyedoc333 said...

In all seriousness, I've heard that the Dem challenger has a new slogan: "No further Delay".

maggie said...

thanks for your comment.
i'm so glad that you and your family had that time together. i'm sorry for your loss.
it's my hope that i never read any horror stories like that again.
by the way, if you'd like to check out my other blogspot, you'll probably find some interesting articles, more of a Canadian perspective, but entertaining and thought-provoking nonetheless... just don't mind the dog-cookie recipes, we've been on a health kick lately, and apparently that doesn't limit itself to humans!!

Elderta said...

Nice makeover, Brit!

Carl said...



Remember, HAVA mandates that electronic voting be in place as soon as possible. California, Pennsylvania, Maryland, even NY, all are on the verge of installing Diebold machines

5th Estate said...

HAVA was of course written with the "help" of Diebold, ESS etc, the idea being to avoid the "confusion" of paper ballots by eliminating them altogether.

"Ironic" that Diebold also makes ATMs that provide a transaction receipt, but they can't apply that to the voting machines.