Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Brain Damage

I'm not happy with this post but I'm trying to "get back on the horse" so to speak. I'm hoping commenters will better articulate or expand upon the theme as they see fit (because I've done a lousy job of it)

Coincidental with a recent bout of “blogger’s block” my internet connection went AWOL for about a week. The combination seemed like a “no-harm, no foul” situation—if I couldn’t come up with anything entertaining or thoughtful I had no reason to post, so being without the internet for a while seemed no big deal.

But then I had to rely on broadcast TV, the radio and newspapers for my news. And it dawned on me how important the internet was to me so that I might stay informed.
ABC, NBC and CBS are near identical-devoting the same amount of time to the same stories in the same slots. NPR is about the only choice of radio news service. AAR is informative but hard to listen to all day due to the occasional excess of personality and especially the constant interruption of truly execrable adverts. Newspapers are incredibly inconvenient.

With the internet however news and information is available at any time. One can not only pick and choose one can absorb information at one’s own pace, compare, investigate and most importantly participate.

Now that I’m back online the only brain damage I’m prepared to accept will come from a can or a bottle.